Alexander Cottle

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Mitchell Campbell Thomas

APRIL 21st-24th 2022

Thursday - Sunday

Men. Are you looking for change in your life?


Tired of the old patterns that keep you trapped in a life that doesn't truly inspire or fulfill you?


Well this long weekend over 4 days in a beautiful Devon valley could be your opportunity to step into the truth of who you really are: A powerful, loving and radiant human being.


A journey will unfold where you will remove the conditioned masks and connect from your authentic self, the Hero will rise from within and celebrate with his brothers in laughter and joy. 

All around us in the world we see structures crumbling; fear and separation spreading. But now there is space for a whole new way for men to be born from the ashes; a way in which they are able to live from an open heart,

fearless but vulnerable, powerful yet humble. 

Alexander and Mitchell will lead you on a deep journey of personal growth, weaving methods such as the exploration of the archetypes: King, Warrior, Magician and Lover - and how they and their opposing shadows can influence our lives; Kundalini Yoga; Meditation; Osho inspired emotional release work;  Wim Hof inspired breathing and ice water exposure. Then for relaxation and deepening our connection we have a hot tub; forest walks; fire; drumming; beautiful food; and more! 

Alexander and Mitchell are dear friends and want nothing more to share their wealth of knowledge,

gifts and passion for life with those who hear the call.



  • Men who are ready to realise who they are beyond the conditioning of society, parents, friends and self imposed limiting beliefs. 

  • Men who have a deep desire to approach life with an open, undefended heart. 

  • Men who feel stuck, stagnant and longing to live a more fulfilling life in alignment with their deepest gifts and purpose. 

  • Men who have had enough of seeing how immature toxic masculinity has created so much pain and confusion in the world, and are looking to shift that paradigm by healing themselves first. 

  • Men that want to have an adventure away from the busyness of the 9-5 life and enjoy the freedom and space of the Devonshire countryside. 

  • Men that want to feel at peace, and at ease within themselves, leading to more authentic relationships with everyone around them. 

  • Men that want to learn techniques and simple practices to feel powerful, alive and in love with life.

  • A guided journey over the weekend from start to finish.

  • We will be leaving our watches behind and diving into our hearts.

  • 4 Days, 3 nights accommodation (4pm Opening Thursday afternoon. 3pm closing Sunday afternoon)

  • Tasty meals each day

  • Shared or individual accommodation available

  • Panoramic views of the Teign valley

  • Understanding and embodied introduction to the four great masculine archetypes

  • Daily hot tub

  • Daily ice baths

  • Meditation, breath-work and yoga

  • Beautiful surroundings 

  • Countryside walks

*Please note this a drug and alcohol free space.

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Alexander is a Men's Transformational Coach, NCS Level 3 qualified counsellor, meditation teacher and founder of the ‘Unmasked Man’ - set up to encourage sharing, brotherhood and create a voice for men's mental health.


He is deeply passionate and dedicated to guiding men to step into their power and fulfil their potential. Leading through embodiment, Alexander has overcome many struggles on his journey, enabling him to hold space from an empathetic and relatable place. He believes that through true authenticity and vulnerability we can drop into a better relationship with ourselves and our bodies, creating a  compassionate and grounded approach to self healing and growth.


He has facilitated all over the world, including Thailand, India and Europe, as well as offering online private and group sessions.


Alexander teaches online and in person men's trainings, along with hosting men's events and retreats each year locally in the UK and abroad in both Thailand & Portugal.






Dear Brothers 

I am a man on a journey to truth. A truth that when touched is so powerful and profound it seeks to shake the very structures of all that I have ever known. It is has become my life purpose and joy to assist whoever is ready to come to realise who they truly are. 
You may have a sadness you know is there but just can't touch, a rage that you feel but cannot release, or joy and laughter that is but a childhood memory. I have been into the darkness and understand the nature of suffering, and I trust that through my work I can help others to let go and walk a different path: I am there beside them. 

I am a facilitator of retreats internationally, taking groups on transformational journeys using various techniques developed over 4 years of experience and learning, in India, Thailand, Turkey, Europe and the U.K.  I use the Wim Hof method of breathing and ice water to heal deep within the body and mind. I have formulated my own emotional release workshops inspired by my time living in an Osho Community. I am a daily meditator, and have attended Vipassana courses and I love to share the profound benefits of these practices. Having spent many months living under the stars and storms, I have a deep connection to the wild; and it was through these many challenges and initiations I came to remember my overwhelming power and capabilities. 

I am a Water Therapist and have been offering 1-1 sessions and group trainings in over 5 countries over the past four years. 
My life's path is to nurture and unite mind, body and soul; to feel and experience the overwhelming love and peace that comes with wholeness...and then my heart calls me to share this with others. 

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4 Days, 3nights.

Thursday 21st April - Sunday 24th April

*Group size, 10 men total.





Are you ready?